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Monday, November 14, 2005

Grateful Dead : 11-6-79


C. Miller has once again graced us with a new transcription of a classic '79 show, and it's one of my fave-raves. It's often discounted because of the great company it keeps (10-27, 11-9 etc.), which is a freaking shame, considering the perfect nature of set II.

Set I shouldn't be overlooked. Vocals are spot-on and Jerry's cooking, but it's standard for the period, smoking as it is.

Set II is the real craziness: four songs (and Drumz) encapsulating and condensing the GD second set gestalt into that old proverbial nutshell. The song list runs:

Black Peter->
Good Lovin'


Statement of Purpose->Exploration->

Beautiful, aint it?

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