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Sunday, October 16, 2005

Random Book Thoughts

1. Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell - Susanna Clarke

I haven't finished this yet, but I like it fine so far. I don't, however, feel the greatness or Hugo-ness that everyone else seems to; maybe this will change by the time I wade through all 800+ pages. The conceit, the period prose, and general wryness are all top shelf, but it lacks...something.

Also, any work containing the exclamation "Huzza!" is a bit rough for any MST: 3000 fan.

2. The Taltos books - Steven Brust

I've always loved these books (despite their problems), and as I was re-reading Dragon the other day, I had a sudden revelation. Part of what makes these books really work is Loiosh. More than just comic-relief or the cliched animal companion, Loiosh is Vlad unhampered by humanity. Brust uses this to perfection, and while some of the philosophical bits of the Taltos books seem out of place or tacked on, Vlad's discussions with Loiosh never do.



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