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Friday, September 30, 2005

Camera Eye Review

Bryn Sparks (a damn fine kiwi SF writer) was kind enough to post a glowing review of Camera Eye in the Apex Digest forums a while back and I'd like to take this chance to thank him. It meant a lot to me.

An excerpt:

The story is a good example of modern SpecFic with a strong handling of punk subgenre elements. The narrative is not sacrificed for style, and indeed the story gains great relevance in light of America's post 911 War on Terror and Homeland Security climate. Somehow Allison manages to coment on the natural politics of art, society, drugs, music, mind, and perception, all within a moody SpecFic frame.

It should be noted that Bryn is a friend of mine. I did not, however, bribe him in any way.

Here's a plug for his excellent blog, Fat Merchant Princes(tm), in lieu of payola. Check out his many cool stories, some of which are available in/on Apex.


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